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PCB design and manufacturing services

PCB design and manufacturing services

Our assembly and manufacturing service of printed circuit boards (PCB) come standard with whole warranty, quality and Just-In-Time delivery. Beeline Electronics manufactures various types of PCBs: from Double-Sided to complex multilayer circuit. The PCBs can be done on epoxy-laminated glass, Teflon, epoxy resins and polyamides. In addition to producing the PCBs, we offer global electronic components procurement service that allows to control costs, make sure of timely product assembly and supports our guarantee of quality and just in time delivery of the final product. When taking on a project, Beeline Electronics full commitment and guarantees on achieving the deadlines that have been agreed. This fast service provides lead times of 4 business days from receiving the PCB and components. Our fast turnaround assures swift delivery in as little as 4 working days (subject to project complexity and component availability).

Beeline Electronics informs in advance of the deadlines and offer full guarantees. The main types of PCBs with whom we work are: •According Features: Printed circuit boards with controlled impedance or microwave, Strip-Line, Micro-strip. •By laminate type: Printed circuit boards with epoxy-glass laminated type, PTFE, high dielectric constant, nylon and carbon fiber or high Tg epoxy to work in high temperatures. •According Construction: Multilayer printed circuit boards with buried and blind holes, sequential circuits with heat sink (copper plated or passivated aluminum). •According Structure: double-layer printed circuit boards or multilayer. We specialize both in the prototypes manufacture, small series, special PCB and high-tech.
 (Printed Circuit Board) Beeline Electronics in its PCB development projects, provides the integration and assembly of components, as well as procurement of components that may be difficult to find on the market at the time of scheduled production. The manufacturing process is fully automated. We will provide CAD documentation upon product delivery. The orientation and soldering quality of all components will be checked through Automatic Optical Inspection.