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Excess Inventory Management

Excess Inventory Management

Every company needs to deal with surplus assets, whether it is excess inventory, obsolete products or customer returns. The key question for the modern business is how to effectively dispose of surplus while maximizing returns. Surplus products take up space, tie up capital, and negatively affect your company's bottom line.Traditional surplus disposal options all have advantages and disadvantages.They demand management time and significant resource commitments to be executed successfully and they can cause your company headaches while providing a distraction from your core business. Furthermore, the channels built up in house for the sale of current product are not suitable for the disposal of Excess and Obsolete product, every obsolete product you put into your channel means a current product goes unsold. Every discounted price you put into your channel to clear surplus lowers the perceived value of the new product that comes in to replace it. It's a vicious circle that leads to a never ending cycle of obsolete product. The vast majority of the product we manage we purchase upfront, giving you instant liquidation. But every situation is different and rather than provide a strict set of options we are flaaexible enough to find a solution that fits your needs. But all solutions have common factors and rather than use your own resources, Beeline Electronics can handle everything in house.
• - Development of an effective asset sales plan.
• - Optimization of sales for maximum return by determining the most effective routes to market.
• - Professionally manage the inventory, including item descriptions and photos, packaging type, shipping weights and dimensions.
• - Facilitate the execution of the marketing plan to provide appropriate exposure of your assets.
• - Take control of logistics and shipping, and dealing with any logistical issues effectively and efficiently. Beeline Electronics handles outbound logistics utilizing everything from UPS for small lot shipping, to less thantruckload (LTL) or truckload shipping domestically or internationally.